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TECHfootball+ Academy

Pinky @ 12:19 pm September 5, 2014   Comments Off

The TECHfootball+ Academy program aims to accelerate the development of our  footballers at Eltham Redbacks through a targeted extension of our football program over the summer term. Coaching is provided by our most experienced coaching team including our title winning Senior Men’s Coach (Paul Harris), Senior Women’s Coach (Nick Crinis) and Junior and Sub-Junior Technical Directors (Murray Ovens and Fabrizio Rocchi). Sessions include skill drills, tactical and positional training, small sided and full pitch game training.

This 10 week program commences Mon 6th October and finishes Sun 14th December.

Program schedule is:

Under 9 to Under 11 – Wed 7pm to 8.30pm and Sun 3pm to 4.20pm (2 hours and 50 mins per week)
Under 12 and older – Wed 7pm to 8.30pm and Sun 4.30pm to 6pm (3 hours per week)

Under 8 to Under 10  – Mon 5pm to 6.30pm and Sat 8.30am to 10pm (3 hours per week)
Under 11 and older  – Mon 7pm to 8.30pm and Sat 10.30am to 12pm (3 hours per week)

(Session times may be subject to change depending on booking numbers)

Cost (GST inc.)
Two session per week – $280
One session per week – $140
TECHfootball+ Academy shirt – $25 (GST inc.)

All players must have a TECHfootball white Adidas training shirt. New shirts can be ordered during booking by selecting the ticket type that includes a shirt.

Eltham Redbacks FC
Wattletree Rd, Eltham North

To book click on the link: TECHfootball

Contact details
David Freeman (m) 0457503492 (email) vicepresident@elthamredbacksfc.org.au

Sponsors’ week 2014

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Support those that support you!

It’s sponsors’ week at ERFC this week, and a chance for you to get to know the local businesses that support you when you play the world game at Eltham. Our sponsors are incredibly important for the success of our club, and our ability to deliver quality football programs from our 3-4yo Spiderlings right through to the Eltham Vets League. Obviously it makes sense that if you need a product or service provided by our sponsors that you consider their offers!

Major sponsors in 2014…



Essential sponsors for the success of ERFC in 2014…





2014 Junior Presentation Day (Updated)

Pinky @ 2:07 pm September 3, 2014   Comments Off

2014 Junior Pres Day (updated)

Your Call To Arms!

Ivan Dalla Costa @ 8:10 pm August 20, 2014   Comments Off

CtA ERFC logo

A big game on Saturday afternoon

This Saturday, 3 pm kick-off, is our annual Call to Arms fundraiser to raise awareness and some cash for the Cancer Council. It has been a regular feature of the senior men’s calendar for the last four years and is proudly supported by Eltham’s Liberal Party Member Steve Briffa. We are looking to better our fundraising efforts every year so please help us raise some money and catch a great local game of football.

The boys have had a faultless season by winning every match so far. After last week’s win, they have broken a 42 year drought and will be crowned league champions. The aim is now to win the remaining 4 matches and end the season with a perfect record. Since 1955, no team has won all matches in any State League competition. Its time to create some history

The last 4 matches will not be easy as each team will try and beat us. Lets see if they can! Come on down and support the team and a worthy charity. imageWriter

Team photos Mon 14 – Wed 16 July!

Pinky @ 11:30 pm July 6, 2014   Comments Off

It’s that time of year already! We have tried to allocate enough time for teams training at the Adventure Playground to get to the club without too much disruption to their training.

All players must wear their full playing strip!

The photo order form is also attached and will be on the website for players to print out. Photos are $20 and no orders are taken without payment.

Click here to download the order form – complete and take with you

Monday 14th July
5.10pm U11 Joeys (James) Main Pitch (4.30-5.30)
5.20pm U10 Joeys (Lyne) Top Pitch (5.30-7)
5.30pm U10 Joeys (Devenish) Top Pitch (5.30-7)
5.40pm U8 Kangas (Brennin) Adventure Playgound (6-7)
5.50pm U9 Kangas (Marsh) Adventure Playground (6-7)
6.00pm U9 Joeys (Forsyth) Top Pitch (6-7)
6.10pm U10 Kangas (Gallagher) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.20pm U10 Wallabies (Coard) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.30pm U11 Kangas (Frewin) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.40pm U11 Wallabies (Caruso) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.50pm U13 Boys (Steele) Adventure Playground (7-8.30)
7.00pm U11 Joeys (Haughton) Top Pitch (6-7.30)
7.10pm U13 Boys (Chidaushe) Adventure Playground (5.30-7)
7.10pm Senior Women (SL2 and SL3) Main Pitch (7-8.30)
7.20pm Senior Women (SL2 and SL3) Main Pitch (7-8.30)
7.30pm U12 Girls (Wightman) Top Pitch (6-7.30)
7.40pm U16 Girls (Wightman) Top Pitch (7-8.30)
7.50pm U14 Girls (Mitrione) Top Pitch (7-8.30)

Tuesday 15th July
5.40pm U9 Kangas (Dollas) Main Pitch (4.30-5.30)
5.50pm U14 Boys (Greaves) Top Pitch (5.30-7)
6.00pm U13 Boys (Centofanti) Top Pitch (5.30-7)
6.10pm U12 Boys (Lyell) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.20pm U12 Boys (Christov) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.30pm U12 Boys (Howard) Main Pitch (5.30-7)
6.40pm U15 Boys (Lamers) Top Pitch (7-8.30)
6.50pm U5 Boys (Bascetta) Top Pitch (7-8.30)
7.00pm U16 Boys (Ovens ) Top Pitch (7-8.30)
7.10pm Senior Men (SL5 and SL5 Reserves) Main Pitch (7-8.30)
7.20pm Senior Men (SL5 and SL5 Reserves ) Main Pitch (7-8.30)
7.30pm U18 Boys (Quinn) Top Pitch (7-8.30)
7.40pm Metro Men 2NW and 5NW Main Pitch (8.30-9.30)

Wednesday 16th July
4.50pm U8 Wallabies (Ibrahim) Adventure Playground (5-6)
5.00pm U11 Girls (Smith) Adventure Playground (5-6)
5.10pm U9 Girls (Wiley/Moxon) Adventure Playground (5.30-6.30)
5.20pm U10 Girls (Denham) Adventure Playground (5.30-6.30)
5.30pm U8 Kangas (Caruso) Main Pitch (4.30-5.30)
5.40pm U8 Joeys (Lacis) Main Pitch (4.30-5.30)
5.50pm U9 Wallabies (Newland) Top Pitch ( 5-6)
6.00pm U9 Joeys (Giannios) Top Pitch (6-7)

Redbacks apparel for sale

Pinky @ 10:09 am July 3, 2014   Comments Off

We have a limited number of ERFC branded and generic apparel for sale. Sizes are limited and have been priced to move quickly. We encourage all members (players/parents/supporters) to support the club by wearing a Redbacks branded product. Whether its a beanie or an Adidas black rain jacket, it will make our club stand above the rest. You can purchase the below products at the canteen on weekends by seeing Michelle / Craig or a Committee member.

Apparel Sizes Price
ERFC Branded Adidas Rain Coats 12Y, 14Y, M, L $50
ERFC Branded Black Hoodies XS, S, M, L $30
ERFC Branded Adidas Polos Small $40
ERFC Branded Beanie $15
ERFC Branded Sports Bag $40
ERFC Adidas Spiderlings Playing Top 3XS $25
Past Playing tops Various $10
Adidas Black Shorts YM, YL, YXL, S $15
Adidas Goalie Shorts Med, Lge $40
Red/White Adidas/Covo Socks Size XS, S, L $10

A History of Football in Australia

Pinky @ 1:32 pm July 1, 2014   Comments Off

Eltham Bookshop donated a copy of this book for our most recent Women’s Pink Ribbon fundraiser and we’ve had a good flick through and think it’s absolutely amazing!

We were surprised to find out that the coauthor Bill Murray is actually an Eltham resident! Roy forwarded us this flyer to promote the new book at an upcoming event at the Veneto Club.

This event represents excellent value so we would encourage our members to have a look at the flyer and consider attending.

(Click for full-size flyer)


Three full days of football fun!

Pinky @ 11:22 am June 24, 2014   Comments Off

Eltham Redbacks FC will be providing a School Holiday Programme on Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th of July.

These will be three full days (8.30am – 4pm) designed for fun! The programme will be tailor made to suit different ages and abilities so everybody is welcome to join in. Members of other clubs are also welcome, so it’s a chance for players to get all their friends involved.

The programme has been designed and will be run by Ashley Greaves, the current U14A team coach. Ashley is a fully qualified professional coach (UEFA licence) and has a decade of coaching experience in the UK and Australia with a variety of age groups. He will be assisted by leading coaches from within the club.

The mornings will consist of fun-based training games and drills (more challenging based on age/ability) whilst in the afternoons the kids will get to do what they love the most…play full games of soccer with their friends!

Morning tea and lunch will be provided at no extra cost and there will be a fully qualified first-aid volunteer on hand on all 3 days.

Any 1 day – $65
Any 2 days – $130
All 3 days – $150 (only $50 per day!)

How to book
Click on this link below and follow the instructions.


If you would like any further information please feel free to contact Ashley on 0450761241 or greaves4000@hotmail.com

Girls / Women Rule at the Redbacks

Ivan Dalla Costa @ 5:45 pm June 11, 2014   Comments Off

We invited everyone involved with the girls’ side of the club down for a photo one Saturday morning and we took this great pic! This coincides with record female participation at our club. We’ve always been a very strong women’s club, complete with a Women’s Premier League team in the past which collapsed due to facilities problems at that time (2008-09), however we’re heading back that way in a hurry! I’m sure you’ll agree an awesome photo (and so useful for us promoting the women’s game!)

Pink Ribbon Night

Our women have selected the Friday June 20th games where both the SL3 and SL2 women competed against the Darebin Falcons (6.30ko SL3 and 8.30ko SL2). The Falcons is a women only club and no doubt will be keen to support the event as well (as soon as we let them know about it!)

This is the annual fund-raiser which has been strongly supported by Eltham Labor MP Steve Herbert and has raised over $4,500 for breast cancer research in the last three years.

We’d like to have a raffle on the night – so if you know of anyone that can donate something for the raffle, please bring it to the club over the weekend and next week. Last year we had a lot of smaller electrical items like hair dryers and gift cards for beauty treatments and so on which the ladies were rapt to win!

Socceroo Marco Bresciano comes to the Redbacks

Ivan Dalla Costa @ 5:29 pm June 11, 2014   Comments Off

Quite amazing that Marco Bresciano was at our club two weeks ago and of course is now in Brazil getting ready to play Chile!

In a bit of a surprise visit, local Liberal candidate in the upcoming election, Steve Briffa, brought his invited guest Marco Bresciano down to pledge Liberal support for the Nillumbik Soccer Strategy. If you’re not across the strategy, in a nut-shell it details re-developing the existing club facility which can cater adequately for the fourth largest soccer club in Victoria (that’s us! with over 800 members)

Vice-Pres Dave Freeman, Marco Bresciano, Pres Ivan Dalla Costa and Steve Briffa Liberal candidate in the upcoming State Gov’t election (click for large)

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