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In 2019, Eltham Redbacks is launching Lottery League Football, a brand-new kind of football for all players from the Men’s Over 45’s league, BigKidz program and parents/grandparents of members who don’t want to play competitively anymore. If this is successful we intend developing the idea for any mothers/grandmothers who would like to keep active and play in a women’s Lottery League, so if you are an interested mum or grand mum contact Bob and he will pass your details onto the ERFC Football Department.

What is Lottery League and how is it different to normal leagues?

Lottery League Football is a new flexible, friendly and social way to play football that is open to everyone over 45. There is no maximum age limit and anyone from 45 up is welcome. Anyone who has previously retired due to the pace of the O45s league, or doesn’t play even socially anymore, is welcome to come back and put their boots on again!

We are also looking to entice back any players in their 50s, 60s and beyond, as there is no age limit with this. If you want to come back and play out your remaining years in a fun and relaxed environment, then this is it!

How does it work?

At the start of the season, all players in the pool are allocated a player number – you keep that number all season. Prior to each game, all players’ numbers will be placed in a hat and the first 11 to be drawn out will be a team for that week and will play a team formed by the remaining players not drawn out.

Note there is a reference here to 11 players but if 28 players turn up we will pick the first 14 out of the hat to form a team. In this manner, we do not want any players on benches anymore, so no substitutes on lines, etc.  If anyone wants a rest they are welcome to bring themselves off until they have recovered.

Players who win a game are awarded 1 point, those who lose get zero, and a draw also means zero for everyone. The team that wins the Lottery League at the end of the season will be the 11 players who have amassed the most wins. The Lottery League table will be kept secret until season-end to keep the interest alive. A small trophy will be awarded to the winning team (11 players) that records the most wins during the season.

The Lottery League is being set up to break down “team mentality” (us and them) and encourages everyone to play with everyone else week after week. The aim is to foster more social friendships in the club.


Rules are effectively the same as normal football but to remove any contentious incidents there is no offside – this is all about having fun and being on the park. Players can either throw or kick the ball in and there are no foul throws.


Depending on numbers, the club will run one midweek session and one weekend session every week. Times to be confirmed.


The price for the full season is just $130. Registration will take place through the Play Football portal.

We want cost-effective and enjoyable football, so players are asked to bring their own kit, boots and shin guards (including a white and dark top each week for team sorting). This will keep costs down as there will be no annual kit costs and no referee costs as this is non-competitive football. The club will provide the balls, the pitch and the lights.


Lottery League is all about having fun, playing on at football for as long as you can, and the opportunity for all players to mix together and bond in a social environment both on the pitch and in the clubhouse. No bad attitudes will be tolerated – we want all players to have a great time, no white line fever and just enjoy it!

How to Register for Lottery League 2019

Anyone interested, please email Bob Messenger to register your interest on the email below:

We look forward to launching Lottery League in 2019 so that all players can play out the rest of their football careers in an enjoyable, safe and friendly environment together.

Thanks a lot!

Bob Messenger

Eltham Redbacks Lottery League

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