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Club Annual General Meeting

By Secretary | August 26, 2017

The Club will hold the 2017 Annual General Meeting on the same day as Junior Presentation Day, Sunday the 17th of September, at 1pm. At this time, the current committee including office bearers will stand down and elections will be held for a new committee. If you are passionate about the club and are interested…

Football Chaos cover Eltham Redbacks vs Berwick City

By Secretary | August 21, 2017

Saturday saw one of the biggest games of Season 2017 for the Men’s State League 2 SE competition, with 3rd placed Berwick City visiting Eltham North Reserve to take on our Senior Men. A win for either team would take them one step closer to the Championship and promotion to SL1, whereas a loss would…

More from the Diamond Valley Leader

By Secretary | August 19, 2017

In case you missed it during the week, here is another quality piece on the Senior Men by Diamond Valley Leader writer Tim Mitchell. Tim’s been putting a lot of time and effort into local football this year and we really appreciate his effort. Watch out for a piece on the Senior Women in the…

Training Schedule 2021 Winter Season



15 minutes between sessions - Coaches and Team Managers, due to COVID restrictions, there must be a 15 minute gap between sessions. If you have a team scheduled to play immediately after your session, please conclude 15 minutes early.

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