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Our sponsors over at CoachNick Business Coaching are still operating, please check out the information below!

As this has been something most of us have not experienced in our lifetime, it is an extremely important period to use to develop our businesses whether these businesses are closed temporarily, partially open, barely impacted or overwhelmed with extra work due to the luck that put them in an industry that is in high demand right now. Basically, nobody has planned for this. It wasn’t on anyone’s 5 Year Planning radar.

I say it is a great time because most of the time small business owners don’t have time to work on their business and now they do. But, most of them are confused about what to do next. The important thing to know is that business owners who are your competitors who are supported by an experienced business coach are now positioning themselves to dominate their market place. They receive very precise strategies to deal with the slowdown and how to position themselves in pole position for when the real race starts. They will be uncatchable.

If you want to experience this and be supported and not felt alone in business, even if you may be in a business partnership, reach out and I will help you.

I’ve coached quite a few of the Eltham Redbacks family who are running businesses, so if it’s your time, I have made it all that much compelling by offering something special and unprecedented.

Whilst the business coaching programs are ongoing and not defined by any term, I would like to offer the “Eltham Redbacks family ONLY” a discount of 50% on any level of the program for the first 6 months. This should see you through the most tricky phase of the restrictions. They are month by month payments without an ongoing commitment and you can see the huge benefits of having your own experienced business coach and finally get busy with many proactive strategies.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and remember, your first consultation to find out how this could work for you is absolutely FREE. We could do it over the phone/Skype/ZOOM/Microsoft Teams, whatever way you are comfortable.

Visit me on to find out what I will be coaching you on and touch base as this is the best time to stand out from the crowd.

Nick Ikonomou
CoachNick Business Coaching
0419 342 766

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