A reminder to all our members and their parents to not attend training and to follow the directions as provided by the Department of Health Services (DHS) if you have been…

  • directly involved with any confirmed COVID clusters; or
  • if you attend a school/workplace where a recent positive COVID case has presented

In addition, you must inform your coach and/or team manager that you will not be attending training and provide the reason so we can track all related movements. You are not to return to training until advised by the Club which will only occur after consultation with the player/parent involved.

If you are directed by the DHS to get tested, you should adhere to this request and provide the Club the results before returning.

In addition, the Victorian Government continues to provide directives in relation to COVID restrictions and movement within the community. We ask all members to abide by the directives to ensure we all stay safe.

If you don’t feel well or have symptoms, please stay away and get tested.

Ivan Dalla Costa

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